This is not intended as a complete list just a guidline for new shooters.

Eye and ear protection required!
Allowed Rifles:   Additional resources

Ordnance rifles

K31, K11, Gew 1911, Stgw 57
Stgw 90 (PE 90, Sig 550) * Sig 551 or 556 may be used in place of PE 90 / 550 - all sight rules apply

Ordnance Pistols:   Additional resources

Parabellum 00, 06/29, P 49, P 75 all in either 9mm or 30 luger

P 220, P 225, P 226, P 228, P 229, P 239, SIG Pro SP 2009, SIG Pro SPC 2009, SIG Sauer SP 2022, SPC 2022, Sphinx-Pistolen AT 2000, AT 3000, Glock 17, 19, 26

Standard Rifles / Match Rifles: Additional resources

These are allowed in the Einzelwettschiessen Program  A

As long as your trigger is 1500g (apx 3.3lbs) and has iron sights it is probably legal.

Match Pistols: Additional resources

22cal pistols are allowed in the Pistol Einzelwettschiessen.

Match Pistols will be allowed in the Pistol Einzelwettschiessen.

Misc. Equipment:

Rifle rest for the rested matches. Keep in mind that your rest cannot support the sides of your rifle. There are many items besides a formal rifle rest that can be used to great affect and be within the rules, a backback etc.

Recommended but not required:

Shooting mat.

Shooting coat, although standard US coats are not legal in CH, we do not believe that they provide the shooter with any benifit over the European coats in the prone position. However, if you have a European coat, please use it.  The primary difference is the button closure.  Sling hooks are allowed.

Upgraded sights, are allowed within the rules. The simplest determination is defined as permited as long as no gunsmithing is required, ie clamp-on etc.  Adjustable diopters, Furter, Hämmerli fine adjusters etc are all legal.  If in doubt contact the SchĂĽtzenmeister in advance.  Additional resources